Supplies for Success Teaching Award


What is the Supplies for Success Teaching Award?

The Supplies for Success Teaching Award seeks to enrich Utah’s classrooms by lending a helping hand to exceptional teachers. Once a month, we select a teacher from Utah, Salt Lake, or Davis county public schools to receive a $250 OfficeMax gift card to use on necessary classroom supplies. We base our selection on the nominations we receive to our site.

Why is this program so important?

According to a study by the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA),  teachers in the United States spend more than $1.6 billion out of pocket on school supplies per year. On average, each teacher spends nearly $500 of their own money each school year on their students. The Supplies for Success Teaching Award is a small way Christensen & Hymas helps decrease teachers’ out-of-pocket expenses and gives back to the community.

How can I make a nomination?

Getting your teachers much needed money for classroom supplies can be as easy as taking a few moments to tell us why they are so incredible.  All you need to do is fill out the form at the side of the page.

That’s it.  We take care of the rest.

We will notify you if your teacher is selected as one of our Supplies for Success winners. Please take just a few moments to help incredible teachers win $250 for school supplies and the recognition they deserve.

Recent Winner

Miss Salli Robinson is an exception in many ways–an exceptional counselor, an exceptional listener, an exceptional educator, and an inspiration to the students at West Jordan’s Hawthorn Academy.


On June 1st, Hawthorn Academy counselor Miss Salli Robinson stood in front of an auditorium full of rambunctious elementary students and middle schoolers to receive a special surprise: a $250 award for her excellence as an educator.

In the past, this award–the Supplies for Success Teaching Award–has typically gone to a teacher in the community. Yet, just as Miss Robinson sets the exception by going above-and-beyond her duties as a school counselor, she has become the exception by being the first counselor to win the Supplies for Success Award.

Miss Robinson personally cares and invests herself in the concerns, needs, and opportunities of every student at Hawthorn Academy. She makes time to meet with students one-on-one and come to understand their struggles and learning challenges.

Moragh Louise, a parent of a student with special needs, says of Miss Robinson:

“My child loves going to [Miss Salli’s] office because he feels safe and knows she cares about him. He knows Miss Salli will always have something for him to fiddle or play with so that he can listen in class, or that he can play with her puzzles while they talk about some things that are a little difficult. We have never had a counselor [or] teacher that has helped our child so much.”

Math manipulatives for school

Image courtesy of Jimmie via Flickr

This kind of personal attention often requires Miss Robinson to dip into her own pocket to help provide students with manipulatives and teaching tools to help them listen, learn, and participate better in class. Because of this, local law firm Christensen & Hymas selected Miss Robinson as this school year’s final recipient of the Supplies for Success Teaching Award, which seeks to offset educators’ out-of-pocket expenses.

Miss Robinson’s ability to care and influence doesn’t stop with her students. “Her office door is open for students, parents, and faculty alike,” says Principal Deborah Swenson. In addition to her work in the office, Miss Robinson spends time in the classroom working with parents in the school’s Love and Logic classes. These classes help teach parents fun and engaging parenting techniques which help them become more involved with their child’s education, building a foundation for future home and educational success. She also visits classes giving presentations that help students develop social skills and set important goals for the future.

“[Miss Robinson] is a caring counselor and students feel safe being able to go and talk with her,” says Principal Swenson. “She is an amazing counselor who makes a difference in the lives of students.”

See all of our winning teachers


“Thank you so much for the … gift card to Smiths, which provided me the funds to purchase: 20 jars of jam/jelly, 6 large cans of roast beef and 13 large cans of chicken. The jam will probably see us through most of the year as we provide daily peanut butter & jam/jelly sandwiches for our students. The canned meats will provide about 20 students with weekend meals. Your generosity is appreciated . . . The [Supplies for Success Award] is a wonderful program that promotes education and recognizes the silent financial contributions of teachers.” – Cheryl R.


Thank you letter from Joshua“Dear law firm,

Thank you for the 200 dolers [sic] you gave to our class! Your [sic] very nice. I’m very happy you did that for our class! You made me very happy!





“Thank you for the gift card! I have already spent it on . . . expensive items that will help us in writing our own books! I appreciate your generosity!” – Cathy T.


Thank you from Connor“Dear law firm,

Thank you for the 200 dolrs [sic]. I think is would be fun if we had a biger [sic] TV. And another fish.





“Thank-you again for your generosity with selecting my class to be the winner of the [Supplies for Success] Award. We are so blessed to have school supplies, backpacks, a lunch box, and cleaning supplies; all purchased with the gift card. We are sothankful!” – Mrs. Sullivan



“Dear law firm,

Thank you for the 200 $. How many years have you been doing what you do? Is it heared [sic] to do what you do? Do you have any time to read books or spend time with your family?

Sincerly [sic],



“I wanted to thank you for all you do for kids and teachers. Your efforts are very appreciated! Thank You!” – Casey P.


Letter from a grateful student“Dear law firm,

Thank you for being so nice and thank you for the money and you rock! too [sic] and you are a rock star.”

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